Izzy's first blog post

Izzy wrote this using Draft, which I've been using lately for all of my writing.

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She got most frustrated when she tried to touch the laptop's screen, and it didn't do anything.

It amazed me how quickly she has picked up using technology, even with only a few minutes of access every so often.

We had to lock down our iPhones and iPad, because she was using Siri to access all sorts of apps on the phone, including Target shopping.

Lately she has figured out how to swipe the phone to the unlock screen, where she often goes to the emergency call screen and sometimes changes the default language. Thankfully she hasn’t actually dialed any emergency numbers yet.

It is now a common sight to have the iPhone disabled because she has entered the wrong passcode. If she does it enough times, the iPhone is disabled for five minutes.

We are always right next to her, and when we take the phone away, she is quick to grab the phone out of our pockets.

We didn’t teach her any of this. She is just picking all of it up on her own. We don’t let her use the phone for long, a few minutes at most. We want to limit her screen time, but I also don’t want to discourage her from being excited to try out using technology.


Izzy just added that last bit, then quickly switched devices and got the iPhone disabled for 15 minutes.


Izzy hasn’t written her first line of HTML yet, but I have no doubt that will come soon enough.