Pin Twitter tabs for productivity with Firefox 4

Here’s a quick Twitter productivity tip in Firefox 4!

Firefox 4 allows you to pin web app tabs so they are always available right when you login. Once you are logged into a web app, just click and drag on the tab to the left side of your tabs. Now, instead of a big long tabs, you’ll have a nice snug tab with just the favicon appearing, rather than the page title.

This works well with Twitter, email web apps, whatever.

But what is really handy is that each tab can be used for various states of a web app. For Twitter, this means you can have separate tabs pinned for your main stream, another tab for mentions, another for retweets and yet another for direct messages. Or whatever. The world is your oyster.

When there is new content available in a tab, the tab becomes highlighted with a pleasant little glow. This glow does have some Crackberry properties, but it saves time from clicking around in Twitter to see what is new.

All the pinned tabs will look the same, but if you forget the order you created them in, just hover over the tab briefly for a quick-tip with the page title.