Drupal: Removing Pingbacks from Recent Comments block

If you’re using Drupal for your blog, and you have the default “recent comments” block displaying, you may have discovered that it swiftly fills up with comments with the subject line of “Pingback.”

I found this annoying: I want to see real people comments, not computer comments.

Luckily, this is a pretty quick fix.

Assuming you’re using Views (and who isn’t?), a comments_recent view should be listed as disabled. Enable it and edit it.

Then, in the defaults, add a new filter. Filter on Comment: Title. Change the Operator to does not contain and in the value field, enter Pingback.

Save the view. I renamed the block to Recent comments (non-Pingback).

Then, on your blocks page, remove the old Recent comments block and replace it with your new Recent comments (non-Pingback) block.

Voila! Only real people comments now, not computers.