Getting started

After a great deal of pondering, I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a whirl. That’s me: always on the leading edge.

I used to write a great deal more than I do these days. Life gets in the way, alas. I’ve been blessed in that the past five years have been very kind to me, if a tad busy. Now, however, I’m looking forward to a chance to express some thoughts a bit less cryptically than what Twitter allows, and hopefully on subjects a bit more germane to my interests than is appropriate for Facebook.

I expect the thoughts I share will revolve primarily around the wild world of mastering the web, but if another topic sneaks in now and then, I hope you won’t mind.

As I get this conversation started, I hope you won’t mind if things change around now and then. I’m new to this corner of the web, and I’ll surely be learning things as I go.