Re-starting my blog at 40,000 feet

I set up this blog a year ago. I felt I had something to share about Drupal, about web and graphic design, web standards, accessibility, usability and other fun things related to the web.

I wrote an initial post September 2009. I have not written since.

At times, I thought of writing up some new Drupal technique I discovered, if for no other reason than to document it for my own reference.

And yet, I didn't.

I worried. As I always do. Whenever I try something new, you can pretty much guarantee I will find a book on the subject. Or two. Or three. Yes, I am the guy reading Grilling for Dummies. Once I feel I understand, I do. But sometimes, I don't. I worried about writing things right. Worried about balancing blogging with the rest of life. Worried if I should have Google Ads. Or become an Amazon Affiliate, recommending good web reads. Or how I should create my taxonomy and tagging system.

I worried so much, I never wrote any of my thoughts down.

Instead, I tweeted. And retweeted. And tweeted some more. Which is great, but does not allow for longer thoughts.

Now I am on my way home from a short but wonderful trip to Washington and Oregon for a cousin's family. My wife and I had a wonderful adventure.

I particularly enjoyed, Astoria, where one of my favorite films, Goonies, was shot. I did not do the truffle shuffle. But I did reflect on the importance of seizing the moment when adventure's door opens. Even if booby traps surely await you..

Tomorrow, I will be up bright and early for An Event Apart Minneapolis. Many of my web heroes will be there as well as a plethora of awesome web folk. I will learn a ton.

I have live-tweeted conferences before, and I plan to do so again. But I also plan to repackage those tweets here on my blog with a bit more reflection. Maybe some people will find that useful. And maybe, if they find that interesting, they might stick around for a few other thoughts I might share down the road.

So I am writing this post on my iPhone at 40,000 feet. I can't promise I will write regularly or perfectly or that the way I do this blog might change down the road. But I will try to let go of the worries and just do.

And if you find that useful, that will be a small victory.

If you have ever had a project get tied up over worries, feel free to share your tale in the comments.