Last night, tonight and tomorrow

I logged in on my phone to write this post. When I headed upstairs to go to sleep, I told myself I would write tomorrow. That would be okay.

Last night though, I said I would try to post something once a day each month. So while I should be asleep, I am jotting down a few notes.

Those are the tradeoffs sometimes. Sleep or keep a commitment. That is one truth. The other is that there were other moments during the day that I spent on relaxing on destressing, and I could have used those moments for something to write instead.

What is the right balance? Of taking care of yourself? Sleeping, relaxing, versus doing something that is supposed to be productive?

I don't know the right answer. I know times I have pushed myself, traded my health and my rest for Important Things, that has not had good results either.

I could perhaps swing the pendulum back towards a little more writing and still be fine. I did so last night, I am doing so tonight, and hopefully I will do so tomorrow.